Our Systems

The Konex Portal is a bespoke system that is utilising technology as much as possible to the advantage of our clients. We believe this ultimately improves our standards and offers an enhanced service to our customers.

All those associated with Konex can access Konex Portal, which is fully interactive and ensures that complete transparency is available and allows an audit of events to be reviewed if necessary. We strongly believe that this at the forefront of our industries and sets us apart from our competitors.

All clients receive access to the Konex Portal no matter how large the works are. When logging in, updates can be viewed and comments/questions can be asked. Photos and videos will be available of the works and fluid communication can be held between Konex and our clients.

Whilst the Konex Portal provides a valuable communication tool for both us and the client, this by no means excludes the ability to communicate in a traditional manner. Managers and representatives are available to talk through on-going projects and queries that rise, throughout projects and contracts.